Still Not Receiving Funds with PayPal/UnionBank

You might have heard PayPal has arrived in the Philippines both for sending and receiving funds, and that the ideal way of receiving your funds would be through a debit card—rather than a credit card—which is provided solely by UnionBank.

Setting up the link between the Philippine bank and the online payment site was hardly troublesome, however I’ve tried withdrawing funds from PayPal over to my UnionBank account since November 14, but even after 11 business days (the maximum period for funds to appear, apart from the quicker 3-5 days) nothing has arrived since.

UnionBank says they have no control over the matter and that I had better contact PayPal about it. Well, right now PayPal is taking forever to load its pages. I can only hope the amount I withdrew has not yet disappeared, and that both parties won’t start pointing fingers leaving their customer a sorry victim from all of this.

Actually, UnionBank already has. There goes my hope.

Update (12/14/2007): After two support messages sent to PayPal all I got was this: “Due to an increase in seasonal email volumes, we may not have been able to answer your email.”

Update (12/15/2007): The PayPal funds seem to have arrived on December 14 according to the transaction log. So it took “exactly” one month to make it to the Philippines.

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  1. ia and i share the same experiences. my first withdrawals only took 3-5 days. the last one is still nowhere to be found, and it’s been a month already. UBP has advised me to contact paypal for a chargeback. if paypal refuses to acknowledge that, ewan ko na lang.

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  2. Michael, thanks. I’ll write a response before the year ends, haha.

    Mae, I only withdrew once, and now I hesitate doing it again because the money STILL hasn’t arrived.

    Corsarius, argh. Impatiently waiting for PayPal’s email reply.

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  3. This is scary. I have some paypal money just waiting to be withdrawn but I’m not too confident with this situation right now. I just hope things get better for us hoping to use paypal as a payment alternative.

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  4. I know that this post is so old and it’s now 2017 and yet goes the same problem. Paypal says the transaction has been completed but it has the 9th banking days and still got no money in my account at unionbank.

    I’m thinking of using another bank in my next withdrawal. I didn’t have any problem withdrawing with my ex-girlfriends account though – she was my damn problem. lol


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