Singular vs. plural categories

I recently worked on a site redesign that features different blogs in its posts. The site also used plural forms for category names, which to me felt unfriendly in describing individual sites. For example:

“Pet365, a pet blog”

seems more human and appropriate than

“Pet365, filed under Pet Blogs”

If people are lobbying for more readable hyperlinks with URL sentences and relative/fuzzy date formats are commonplace these days, I believe describing taxonomic and meta information should be tweaked as well.

There’s only the small matter of retaining the original category names because they’re still useful for describing multiple posts under it, so the goal is to transform the text non-destructively with some regex and string replacement calls:

  1. Change “blogs” into “blog”
  2. Grab the first letter in the string to determine whether the determiner “a” or “an” should be used

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