Paypal Now in the Philippines!

With its signature campaign at nearly 1,500 names, JAngelo‘s initiative of bringing Paypal to the Philippines has finally become a reality. Philippine accounts can only send money right now, but it’s a good start. Good job, J, and to everyone else who helped out! (Coughs violently)

The details are in the latest blog entry of the site. Sign up already if you haven’t (and oks this story too).

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  1. Yeah Paypal is now available in the Philippines but you can only use it for shopping online, you won’t be able to receive funds if you’re selling on eBay. There is no definite time yet when are they going to make PayPal here fully functional (sending & receive).

    Wanna share it with you guys. After long research, I got a solutions and it’s guaranteed working cuz I got mine already.

    Its guaranteed that you will be verified by PayPal allowing you to receive and send money.

    I haven’t been to the US yet and I was able to get a verified PayPal Account associating my US Bank Account.


    1. Open a US Bank Account (even you’re not from the US. Use your Philippine address, that’s cool.
    2. Open a US PayPal account – using any US address – don’t worry PayPal won’t verify your address – it’s the bank account that will be verified.
    3. Add your newly-opened US Bank Account to your US PayPal Account.
    4. PayPal will then deposit small amounts to that bank account ( that should appear on your bank transaction history within 2-3 days). You will have internet banking facilities with that account.
    5. Enter to your PayPal the exact amounts they have deposited to your bank.
    6. There you go. You are now a verified US PayPal account holder having the privileges of receiving and sending money online.

    More information:

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  2. What about the second step of verification–the US-issued credit card? I’ve been able to verify with a US-based bank account (a relative’s) on my Canada-addressed PayPal account, but since I don’t have a CC that’s issued from the US, I can’t complete step 2.

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  5. i am from canada and am in the philippines,can i do wire transfer from my canadian account to a philippine account, i know it would be in pesos, how much they charge to do it and what is the exchange rate,,can you help please

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