Normann Copehagen’s Art & E-Commerce

Norman Copehagen has got some beautiful products (take this Beater Whisk, Butterfly can opener, or this Hang On Coat Rack) I wish I could get my hands on, or find if not pirate cheap versions of locally, but what pushed me over the edge into writing about it here is this neat set of Dropit Hooks and the way they’re presented on their page.

Normann Copenhagen Dropit Hook

Normann Copenhagen Dropit Umbrella Hook

I’m not just talking about the excellent product photography, which you’ll see on section 4/8 of the page, but also the clever, quirky installations created from the product itself from section 6/8.

Normann Copenhagen Dropit Ren

Normann Copenhagen Dropit Peacock

Normann Copenhagen Dropit Poster

There’s also much to check out in the Galleria, which is like a lookbook for their wares.

Normann Copenhagen Galleria Green Grass

Normann Copenhagen Galleria Black and Bold

Normann Copenhagen Galleria Grey vs. Purple

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