You gotta hand it to the IE team for turning their lemon of a reputation into lemonade. On the viral front there’s The Browser You Loved to Hate, currently tickling my nostalgia with a #childofthe90s campaign. They’ve also teamed up with Atari and ZeptoLab via Cut the Rope to put its newer browser versions on display.


But despite a long-needed push to abandon version 6 for good, IE still has to straddle the past, present, and future. IE 10 is the must-have, but it had to go through 7 to 9 first, and so must front-end developers. modern.IE steps in to help with that: the page scanner detects red flags that might be causing problems on the browser, as well as advice and testing tools.


They’re sponsoring three months free on BrowserStack, which gives you access to different Operating Systems, devices, and browsers inside the browser. I’ve tried it a few times and while it’s expectedly slow, it’s sometimes more convenient than virtualization. Sometimes even faster.

Between the emergence of in-browser image editing, development, and prototyping, perhaps the age of purely browser-based development has started. (The question of whether it’s an ideal workflow at this point is another conversation.)

Not a sponsored post, I swear. :P

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