MiniFFC #15 in pictures: Rails & more coffee

This isn’t going to be such an informative post, just mostly commentary in photo essay format.


Great turnout! Venue’s at the Globe Showroom, and worked very well for a Makati meetup spot. They even served complimentary coffee alongside our food.


We arrived late and came at the tail end of Ken Daganio’s Ruby on Rails teaser talk.


Looks like he built a blogging app for the demo.


Snack time soon after, sponsored by Elance.


Lean coffee moderating with Ely and Mark. We covered design trends, color theory, database-driven sites, and a few others.


And our class photo featuring the shirt giveaways also from Elance.

A 15-second, 360-degree view of the crowd, and that’s it! Until next time folks. We’ve got a few major events coming up, so stay tuned.

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