March 24 is World Shutdown Day. Can You?

It’s very simple. Proponents of World Shutdown Day are challenging all of us to shut down the computer for a whole day on Saturday, March 24. (And I’m sure putting your computer on hibernate or sleep mode does not count.)

If you think you can do it, visit the site and click the “I can” button. If not, visit the site all the same, but choose “I cannot”.

You are also encouraged to contribute anything you can to this challenge-slash-campaign, such as videos, podcasts, tips, or comments. I’d also suggest translating the page into Filipino (or Ilocano, Cebuano, etc.), but it might be too late.

Can I do it? Since it’s on a Saturday, I can afford to. I most probably will. You should, too!

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  1. Yeah. They should make this an official holiday worldwide. But knowing GMA, she’ll turn into into a Regular Working Holiday. Sheesh.

    (EDIT: Testing Edit Comments plugin. You can edit your own comments for up to 30 minutes. *Crosses fingers*)

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  2. Hmmm. I can do this since I have an E61 with me so I can still login and surf the net. I guess it is time to sync my Apple BT keyboard with the E61 for faster typing. hehehe…

    I think this can be extended to be a DISCONNECT day – meaning, no mobile phones, no PDAs, no computers. A total disconnection from the network. :)

    As for me – I will not do it since I do not see a really valid reason to do so. I mean, I write my MB articles on Saturdays for submission the next day. No computer, no article. No article, no money! :P

    Besides, I know I can survive not using a computer for a day – be on a flight to the East Coast and you will be off-line for almost 24hours. :)

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