Junior Form Function & Class 2013

PWDO is extremely fortunate to have UST TomasinoWeb as the leading student organization helping out with our FFCs. We’re proud that they’re now on the second year of holding the student version, Junior Form Function & Class (JFFC), on the 16 and 17 of February.

It’s also gone two days, two venues (College of St. Benilde on Saturday), and simultaneous workshops. Even this year’s branding takes off on FFC 2012, albeit more colorful and youthful. FFC, in turn, adopted a few cool things from the first JFFC, not the least of which were Thomasian staples Mang Toots Banana-rhumA and Sarah‘s co-emcee, Bianca. I wonder if we can bring in a few new things from CSB, and if with this year’s FFC venue we’ll be able to do the same.

Junior Form Function & Class Philippine Web Design Student Conference

The tickets are extremely affordable and only a few slots remain, so hurry! If you want to be a sponsor, download the marketing packages here (PDF).

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