Join the DCS Blog Network! (Tara Na, CS Tayo!)

DCS Blog Network

The DCS Blog Network has officially launched! Here’s a snippet of the hear ye! hear ye! we distributed last night:

Calling all members of the UP Diliman Department of Computer Science community: students, alumni, and faculty alike! You are cordially invited to join the DCS Blog Network, a site that brings together all blogs from its DCS members. The purpose of the DCS Blog Network is to bring together everyone who is, has, and will be part of the Department, and what better way to do that than through the Internet?

You can read the full details at Sir Feria’s blog. He suggested we (Phillip, Sir Rom, and I) set this up in preparation for the Alumni Homecoming.

Backend blathering:

  1. For anyone who cares to know, the DCS Blog Network is (obviously) powered by WordPress and FeedWordPress, an aggregator plugin, and is hosted at the UP Parser‘s own website.
  2. Added the_excerpt_reloaded for good measure, as we don’t want to offend the SEO-conscious bloggers with duplicate content.
  3. There is something wrong with Blogger feeds. They show up with blank entries in the website. Not. Our. Fault! Blogger has been very cranky to its users for the longest time now. Sorry.
  4. Also slapped on twenty 50×50 link buttons of Parser, CURSOR, ACM, DCS, and UP that site-owners might fancy adding to their website.
  5. Finally, had a rough time deciding which shoutbox/chatbox/tagboard plugin to use because: a) my top concern was spam-handling; and b) it had to be widgetized. Sadly, there aren’t too many WordPress-native options out there.

Whyyyy are you still here? Go visit the DCS Blog Network and add your blog now! (Yes, I’m talking to you, all you people under the “DCS Batch OC!” and “DCS” categories of my Blogroll.

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