I Won an Adobe Creative Suite 3!

I Won an Adobe Creative Suite 3!

The best part of the Philippine Blog Awards 2007 was not the event itself, but what happened afterwards. And I’m not talking about the after-party.

Adobe Creative License

The Adobe User Group Philippines (AUGPhil) had a local launch of the much-awaited Creative Suite 3 after the awards. It was also this month’s meetup for its members. The highlight of the meeting, though, was the raffling off of a CS3 bundle itself, worth $1,199.

Now I wasn’t planning on attending the meeting because even though I had been lurking in the mailing list for a while now, I knew I hadn’t signed up as a member of AUGPhil. Imagine my surprise when Regnard, the president, asked me to join the meeting and told me that I was actually a member. I forgot that I was a member—no, really, to this moment I can’t find anything in my brain nor in my inbox that could prove I was. But he told me he knew I was on the members list and that I should join them anyway.

The Meeting

Adobe Creative License

We went through member introductions, project prospects, and other announcements until it was time for the giveaway portion. (Regnard had also offered free Starbucks coffee courtesy of Adobe but everybody declined.) We all got Adobe ballpens and Bob Reyes won the Adobe tumbler.

Finally, the big one. Regnard draws a piece of paper, walks a few steps to read the name, returns to sit down, and announces, “And the winner… is none other than the person who did not know she is a member.”

These things that test one’s “luck” never end up in favor of me—see, the Blog Awards gave away so many raffle prizes (like those Krispy Kreme boxes or that Nokia 3230), yet I did not win any of those. But this time, I finally won something. And it was a prize I really, really wanted.

The AUGPhil website has an entry about the meetup. Azrael has three videos on it.


First, I haven’t brought home anything yet; Adobe CS3 will officially ship next month.

Second, I have to choose between the two standard editions of the suite: Design Standard and the Web Standard:

Adobe CS3 Design Standard

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Standard

  • Adobe InDesign CS3
  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3
  • Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
  • Adobe Bridge CS3
  • Adobe Version Cue CS3
  • Adobe Device Central CS3
  • Adobe Stock Photos
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect

Adobe CS3 Web Standard

Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Standard

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3
  • Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  • Adobe Fireworks CS3
  • Adobe Contribute CS3
  • Adobe Bridge CS3
  • Adobe Version Cue CS3
  • Adobe Device Central CS3
  • Adobe Stock Photos
  • Adobe Acrobat Connect

They segregated the online and offline design tools! But the Design Standard edition seems more attractive because it contains the heart of Adobe’s product line: Photoshop and Illustrator. Add InDesign, successor of PageMaker and indispensable tool during my Parser newspaper publishing days, and I’ll feel invincible from then on.

Of course I can’t help noticing how different the look and feel of the Creative Suite packaging is compared to its blocky though equally colorful icons. I knew Adobe was a lot more artistic than that.

What About The Blog Awards?

I’ve been sick and disconnected the past few days; hence I have lost my momentum to list down all nits I picked during the awards. But I promised myself to write about the AUGPhil meeting. It’s more than gloating (ha!); I’m half-guilty about the whole thing (I said sorry to everyone I shook hands with when the meeting adjourned) but I also picked up some enthusiasm about helping the group. And this post is a start!

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  1. Lucky you! Congratulations! They also raffled an Adobe CS3 during the awards, right?

    If I won that, I’d also go for the Design Standard. But I’m quite surprised they still have Fireworks.

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  2. I knew you’d win something that night! :-)

    Cool prize! Although I really can’t relate which prize is better. Just choose what your heart desires. And hope that tool can help you win next year. I wish you luck old friend. :-)

    Oh man.. you should teach me CSS! I’m an IT guy but I know nothing about CSS. I feel stupid. :-( Hehe

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  5. Mia-cha’, thank you! It’ll surely be one of those things I’ll cherish forever.

    Garro, IT IS! Do you know how much PAIN my mom and I have been in because we had no software to layout a newsletter with? I used MS Word! I tried Scribus but it kept crashing. So did Word (it couldn’t handle copy-pastes of high-resolution images), but my mom stuck to it and I groaned everytime I tried to help her out.

    Regnard, yeah, though I have a sweeter spot for Adobe. ;)

    Yoru, congrats too!! It was a Studio 8 which Noel Perlas won, I think. Studio 8 has been converted to Adobe CS3! Yeah, Fireworks, bah!

    Geo! Thanks for the support. I’m not an old friend! Haha. CSS? You don’t need Adobe to learn CSS. Anyway, yeah, it’s funny how you corps can’t relate to a lot of webstuff. Hahaha. I’m rubbing it in. Kidding! ^_^

    Corsarius, nah, it would end up blurry anyway. *evil laughter* Peace! And tarps are overrated. Dapat sa may “garden”, or on the sidewalk para feeling corpppp. And the Philippine Blog Awards needs a new initialism! Sana Filipino Blog Awards nalang para FIBA. Er.

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