Hollywood makes GIFs

I appreciate this Looper poster; the looping quality of a GIF has never been more apropos. Which turned 25 last year, by the way.

Looper official animated movie poster

Stoker goes even further: a whole microsite made up of GIFs—cinemagraphs—which you can also share and download (the ones on the site are rotated and not using CSS) and then a promo spot compiling those animations.

Stoker: combing hair cinemagraph from Letters to India

The Verge also mentions a Flash-based Catching Fire poster, which makes me wonder if it’s the first of its kind. I haven’t really noticed animated Flash posters being a thing before, and it might be because: why embed a movie poster when you can embed a movie trailer, anyway? But there must be room for both trailers and posters, and Flash alongside GIFs, which don’t have sound. Some might actually find the infinite crackling of the fire on that mockingjay emblem more soothing than the ambient sounds of rain or coffee shops.

Cool stuff, Hollywood. Kudos to whoever pitched these things to the bosses.

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