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Dayo is a full-length, digitally animated film that brings to life the Philippines’ most beloved mythological creatures with a modern-day twist. Its creators, Cutting Edge Studios, invited bloggers to check out their facilities, the animation process, and a sneak peek of the movie—to be released this December as an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival and to the rest of the world with the title “Wanderer”.

I wasn’t able to stay long as I had a meeting to attend (guess!), but the little I saw was impressive enough. The detail of the background art is absolutely stunning and is reminiscent of the Disney classics. All done in Photoshop, by the way.

I can only wonder how enough emphasis could be given to an often-overlooked part of animated films. They should definitely sell prints and turn them into downloadable wallpapers.

The hardware they’re working with are nothing to scoff at either: a glorious combo of Mac Pro and Wacom Cintiq for every workstation.

I guess the burning question here is: will it be a success?

The mere fact that these people were ambitious and industrious enough to open an animation studio and create a local film for us, the Filipino people, instead of going abroad or outsourcing their work, is a triumph in itself. But let’s not stop there. Be sure to watch it this December.

Watch the Dayo teaser trailer here. Photos after the jump:

(These were taken with my new K770i, by the way. With enough Photoshopping, they’re not bad at all. Thanks to Blogie Robillo for the invite!)

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