Beta Testings

Beta Testings

I’ve been dead lately and I’m sick right now. In the meantime, some first looks…

4 Beta Testing


Got a new moleskine. The classic plain one; I want it unruled and small and cute. I wish the cover were more flexible but Mia said the pages get crumpled with the softer one. I’ve got tons of papers from used papers to freebie notebooks lying around to this day and it really doesn’t matter where I scribble. I should start being a little more artsy-fartsy these days.

It’d be cool to have an electronic moleskine though. Geeky? K33Gier than ever!

Baby Choc

That is not an ordinary cup of hot cocoa. That is a tiny cup of Baby Choc, from Dome at Shangri-la Mall, which was good to the very last drop—not that there were very many. Note to self: if you need to warm up in a chilly place, don’t buy anything with the word “baby” in it.

Mokona Modoki

The name “Mokona Modoki” may be a Japanese pun meaning “fake Mokona” or “replica Mokona”.

That is Mokona, the obligatory cute pet in Tsubasa Chronicle (that’s what the pink katakana below Mokona says). There’s not too much Tsubasa stuff at Comic Alley and I thought I’d buy something amusing, but inexpensive. ‘Twas either that or a huge, cushy Moko-chan.

Tsubasa Chronicle’s second season has recently ended and there won’t be anything new ’til April 2007. In the meantime, I’ve been downloading its great music—as in epic movie soundtrack great, as most great anime are. Do taste the music of Fiction Junction and her collabs—it’s Yoko Kanno meets groove tunes. Current faves are A Song of Storm and Fire [AMV], Kaze no Machi e [Video] and Aikoi [AMV].

I wonder, though: if classical music slows down your pace and fast music, well, speeds it up, then what is Fiction Junction music? Something wonderfully, beautifully enjoyable.

Laptop Lantern

That laptop showing the CoE seal is the DCS part of the Engineering Lantern for this year. The rest are cool stuff as well. It would be nicer to see the lantern in a video because, well, engineers make things work and you have to see it to be amazed (“Bio-Energy!!!”).

Trivia: the Eng’g lantern over four years ago was a larger-than-life laptop, way bigger and better than this one. Does anybody remember that one? I think it even won.

The Lantern Parade for this year was canceled, with reasons interlocking with the tuition fee increase issue. Sitting at the Eng’g steps we watched as the College lantern was set up and presented to us twice, but not before the FA pushed on with their parade along with the Barikada rallyists. It wasn’t a good day for the University to get into the Christmas spirit, but over at the Film Institute, Ms. Eng’g still pleased the massive crowd.

Test Shots

Shots courtesy of my brand-spankin’-new Canon Powershot A700, which surprisingly seems to be a dying breed in the Canon shops I’ve visited. It’s no SLR—even if I can afford to buy one, I’d be foolish to do so. It’s got a ton of manual controls I haven’t even explored in depth. I need to do more tests offline, but I’m currently pathetic with night shots and I intend to change that.

More, Hopefully

Tried installing FeedWordPress to aggregate blog feeds of DCS students, faculty, and alumni. I hope this pushes through and people take it seriously, even integrate it with a re-done, WordPress-driven DCS website. That’s just wishful thinking. Here’s the test blog for now. Hosted at the recently-bought domain, The UP Parser.

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  1. Aww, Mokona!


    I do remember that giant laptop (with the dancing diskettes). I think it was in 2002 (not sure), but I do remember that it won.

    It’s a sad thing, I think the Lantern Parade is dying down.. There was news going around that the Lantern Parade this year won’t push through. Although it did, there were very few lanterns/floats and hardly anybody noticed that it happened. =(

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  2. @Tweety: Yeah, officially it didn’t take place but many people texted and told people to have their own parades. The Chancellor said it was for security reasons. It’s just too bad because both “sides” on the tuition fee issue have been aggravated by events that took place that day. Sigh.

    Ei, add pala kita sa DCS blog network ha? Heads up lang; this is a project initiated by Sir Rom. :)

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  3. WOW!! That lantern sure is amazing!! I should feel upset I wasn’t there. Thought the whole thing was going to be cancelled..

    Anyway, I like your site. It’s unique. And I do adore your portfolio section. ^_^

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  4. Wah! I also want a moleskine. SHould have wished this for christmas! ANd cool new toy. The A700 is still a good cam, like they said it’s not on the camera, it’s on the eye behind it. Hope to see how you play around with it! :D

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  5. @Ferdz: It’s not too late! In our experience the moleskines were delivered in only a few days. :) What you said about the eye is quite true, although when it comes to action shots and night scenes… argh! Still need to learn much. :(

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  6. @Corsarius: No we shouldn’t have! And I’m glad we didn’t! Yes, maybe I should’ve put that pic but I wasn’t too fond of my shot. You should post your pics, at least on Flickr. :D

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