Be Productive: Be Lazy!

Why am I always amused by these debunking-the-myth articles, especially when it comes to GTD? Last time it was justifying procrastination; this time it’s taking advantage of laziness!

Here’s an observation: often the smartest people are the laziest ones. They’re always looking for ways to get out of work, or do make something easier, and their creative ways of doing that have come up with some of the most ingenius, productive inventions: the computer, the microwave, the car, the Clapper, to name but a few.

10 Ways to Make Laziness Work for You by Leo Babauta

Two years ago I would have been thoroughly annoyed by that statement because people around me slacked off and got away with it and maintained their reputation as the most industrious people of the bunch.

Maybe because we need fewer slackers and more hard workers that time. Org and Department work both required free time, and not everybody was willing to give that up especially in between an already hectic academic life. You usually choose your orgs (and jobs) based on perks anyway.

Maybe because they weren’t doing it properly. Delegating would start to mean leaving everything up to everyone else and having to do nothing at all. I believe in hands-on leadership, especially if the people you’re managing have absolutely no idea how to do things. You’ll be surprised how many times I run into those types.

Today, I’m just glad I found more advice on managing my time wisely. I juggle way too many pins at a time that it looks crazy. What part of Don’t Get A Job did I not understand? All of it.

Bonus points for mentioning Gilmore Girls twice! And it literally applies to me since it’s a Friday and the show will come on in less than two hours.

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