Avoiding Multitasking and Categorizing


is it wrong to be unenthusiastic about side projects at this point? I just want to stop juggling things around. Pandora Squared* looked like a good place to be even if I could only agree to a part time arrangement, but I couldn’t stand the thought of adding another job just because the opportunity looked good. Now there’s another, something much much larger if done alone and from scratch, and if you’re sensible enough you’d say it’s wrong to let it compete with your full-time job.

The exhilaration I felt in college is no longer there; everything only feels unhealthy and almost meaningless.


because this blog is too young, I feel like I have to be neat and fussy over everything, including its categories, since my links are very dependent on them. I don’t like archive-y looking links, and since SEO is not really partial to either structure, then I’d rather pick the one that looks better.

However, that makes me very category-name-conscious, which is not at all productive. Imagine spending more time planning on a taxonomy for the site rather than what you want to write.

I mean… I wonder if subconsciously, after setting up the category tree, if we are thinking “where will this entry” go when we sit down to write an entry… and hence the category tree is restricting our creativity in some ways ?

Comment #8 on Categories are so 2003…


* The company has been meaning to change its name, I’ve been told, so I’m not sure what they’re called right now. But do check out MobiusLive.net.

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