A Technological Handicap...

A Technological Handicap…

…does more psychological damage than one would expect. People who spend their lifetime learning to communicate through written and spoken word have encountered another obstacle to deal with. It could Read more ›

Be Productive: Be Lazy!

Why am I always amused by these debunking-the-myth articles, especially when it comes to GTD? Last time it was justifying procrastination; this time it’s taking advantage of laziness! Here’s an Read more ›

A Quick Update on Real Life

I voted for the first time. It wasn’t a nightmare—nothing like UP enrollments or other UP activities that required lining up. It was quick and painless. Now if only the Read more ›

The Perils of Problogging

There seems to be a rift between personal blogging and professional blogging (aka problogging). In Shari’s recent post, where she compares blogging in the past and present, commenters seem to Read more ›