With Gravatar’s Outage and Suckage, Should A New Avatar System Take Its Place?

Perhaps more than a week ago, while browsing around my site, I found this shocking message in the comments section: I really don’t know why something inside me told me the hacker-like message pointed to the Gravatar plugin installed on this site, but sadly, Googling around confirmed my suspicions. Apparently it was a debugging message for the Gravatars2 plugin. …Getting no gravatar back from gravatar.com is very common. I removed […]

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Best Designed Filipino Blogs for 2006 Announced!

Basang Panaginip, the highly controversial blog that brought us The Sexiest Filipino Bloggers, The Sexiest Filipina Bloggers, and The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art have come up with a new list: the Best Designed Filipino Blogs for 2006. I was shocked to find out that Michael dropped by to tell me I was on the list. The awards are no Philippine Webbies*, but my respect (or awe) for that award-giving […]

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Stellify.net Turns One

I am a stickler for remembering what happened to me exactly one year ago, and if need be, the year before that, the year before that, and so on. Case in point: September 28. Last year, particularly last November 22, Stellify.net officially resolved to the Filcode nameservers and appeared on the web. (Not for the first time, though.) Perpetually in Pre-Release (That’s one of the taglines I made for Qwerky.) […]

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the_date() only displays the date in its first instance

This feature of WordPress the_date() template tag is quirky to me, but I guess it works that way in most blog engines out there. I came across this cautionary message in the WordPress Codex for the_date() function, pointed to me through the Support Forum when I had trouble getting to show dates in some posts (I was tinkering with another layout I made).

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My First Spam Comment, Bow.

I have absolute faith in Akismet. All the spam that piles up under that submenu feels much less annoying because Akismet’s there. And although I, like her, am usually ticked off that there are hundreds of spam comments that plague Qwerky ever so often, the first spam attempt at Stellify made me smile. And I’ve never needed to try any WordPress anti-spam plugin since. Just a reminder, though, Akismet is […]

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