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Plot twist: not a speaker

If you’ve seen my updated Twitter bio lately, it reads like that. Here’s a little more context behind it.

Theme design for Women Who WordPress Manila workshop

Code is poetical science

“You will not concede me philosophical poetry. Invert the order! Will you give me poetical philosophy, poetical science?” Ada Lovelace in a letter to her mother

The 2013 Blogging Scene

The 2013 Blogging Scene

I’ve stood by WordPress for the longest time but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep tabs on the new shiny things. I’ve mentioned Svbtle, Jux, and Medium—before it adapted a Read more ›

Underscores WordPress starter theme


WordPress feels like a distant planet these days. I’ve been concentrating so much on front end development that I can barely recall building with it even as recently as several Read more ›

Ideas of March

Ideas of March

I came across the Ideas of March before, probably last year, but the time had passed and I had forgotten about it. It popped up in my stream again today, Read more ›

Screenshot of Svbtle admin


When I first caught wind of Svbtle by Dustin Curtis, I immediately wanted to sign up and try out its features but found it was extremely exclusive—an elite circle of Read more ›

Singular vs. plural categories

I recently worked on a site redesign that features different blogs in its posts. The site also used plural forms for category names, which to me felt unfriendly in describing Read more ›