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Plot twist: not a speaker

If you’ve seen my updated Twitter bio lately, it reads like that. Here’s a little more context behind it.

Collaborate: Bring people together around digital projects Ellen de Vries

Reading books online

I appreciate and admire that these authors put their books on the web for free. By free books, I don’t just mean files you can download, or excerpts on fancy Read more ›

Theme design for Women Who WordPress Manila workshop

Code is poetical science

“You will not concede me philosophical poetry. Invert the order! Will you give me poetical philosophy, poetical science?” Ada Lovelace in a letter to her mother

Shitty Design versus UX analogy debunked

Design & other dirty words

I’ve been increasingly bothered by the characterization of design lately, which goes a little something like this:

Web of uniforms vs. options

Web of uniforms vs. options

The thing is, I despised LiveJournal’s shoddy features and MySpace & Friendster’s tendencies to fill profiles to the brim with crap. And I have zero tolerance for any Tumblr that Read more ›