Are You Blogging A Virus?

The Storm Worm recently hit computers around the world with its attention-grabbing subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe” last January. Yes, viruses and other malware attacking the masses are hardly worth my while these days. For one thing, I’ve had zero hits with GMail’s no-executable file allowed policy. Second, I’ve been surfing the Internet long enough to tell if an email is suspicious, i.e., too good to be […]

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Procrastination, Dissected, Theorized

I’ve been putting off writing this, but I know I have to at one point simply to protest some of the things I’ve read in procrastination-related articles. First things first: yes, I’m a procrastinator. A crammer, to be precise. One day I found myself cramming a major project for Christian Living. That was probably the first time I stayed up way past my bedtime. I was in sixth grade then. […]

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PTB vs. PWiT: Philippine Crab Mentality Online

Okay, I don’t understand why people have to create something out of nothing, i.e., pit Pinoy Tech Blog against PWiT. (Backtrack: Pinoy Tech Blog is the Philippines’ Premier Technology Blog while PWiT stands for Philippine Week in Tech: Current News, Views and Reviews. A mere parroting of their taglines? I’m avoiding any subjective descriptions here. An added note though—PWiT is obviously a play on TWiT, which stands for This Week […]

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