Replace with V

Where this brand name trend came from, we can’t be certain, but if there’s anything Web 2.0 has taught me, it’s that companies need to stand out and snap up a good domain name at the same time. This looks like one of the easier solutions. The difference is while it’s still a form of “bastarized text”, it’s not a variation on spelling that retains how the word is pronounced, […]

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My First (and Unexpected) TLA Check

I never thought I’d blog about this, but I just received my first “problogging” check today! My dad handed over a letter envelope, saying it came from New York. I was shocked to see the Text Link Ads logo peeking through.

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Missing the Foolish and Naked Days of April

So, it’s the tenth day into April already. Just a day after Araw ng Kagitingan, two days after Easter Sunday, and the aftermath of the Christian calendar’s holiest week. It’s also been a while since two other notable days in the online world. Here they are, going backwards:

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WordPress 2.1 Incompatibilities on Stellify and Qwerky

Like tiptoeing down an old flight of stairs. This is how I treat Stellify‘s WordPress backend. Sometimes the creaks are soft; sometimes they are loud. Sometimes I find my leg caught through a hole in the wooden steps, but for situations such as upgrades, I’d rather be cautious. I’ve upgraded most of the WordPress installations on this domain to the latest version, codename “Ella”, before which the latest 2.0.x releases […]

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Time Person of the Year for 2006 is You—Yes, You

This year, Time Magazine has named You as the Person of the Year. Yes, You, the publishers powered by the platform that is the World Wide Web. The article begins by reporting that 2006 is the year we have realized history is no longer shaped by few greats. Instead, we have witnessed a phenomenon concocted by the crowd, from people all over the world. Wikipedia and YouTube are cited as […]

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I am a stickler for remembering what happened to me exactly one year ago, and if need be, the year before that, the year before that, and so on. Case in point: September 28. Last year, particularly last November 22, officially resolved to the Filcode nameservers and appeared on the web. (Not for the first time, though.) Perpetually in Pre-Release (That’s one of the taglines I made for Qwerky.) […]

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My First Spam Comment, Bow.

I have absolute faith in Akismet. All the spam that piles up under that submenu feels much less annoying because Akismet’s there. And although I, like her, am usually ticked off that there are hundreds of spam comments that plague Qwerky ever so often, the first spam attempt at Stellify made me smile. And I’ve never needed to try any WordPress anti-spam plugin since. Just a reminder, though, Akismet is […]

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Kudos for Qwerky!

Technopinoy Dis(cus)ses Eskwela The Philippine tech blog scene has started to comment on Eskwela. Technopinoy wasn’t too impressed by it, but a holler over to Qwerky makes me grateful nonetheless: As one has to be “invited” to signup, I can’t really comment on Eskwela’s functionality. Qwerky provides a more in-depth look, much much more than what Inquirer provided. Dashmedia is Live Mike Villar has just announced that Dashmedia, perhaps a […]

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I reviewed Eskwela on Qwerky. I’m not too thrilled that they chose “eskwela” over “paaralan” but maybe it seemed a lot more catchy and a lot less “formal”. (Why do ordinary Philippine words always sound “deep” and “formal”? Is it because we are not as used to speaking in perfectly straight Filipino anymore?) It’s not all nitpicking, I promise! I’m doing this for the free T-shirt I asked for if […]

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