The Blog and Soul Movement: Philippine Blogging as Media

So many people have talked about how blogging has become so big in the Philippines that we’re getting recognized globally for it. Let’s see how much we’ve progressed: Blogging summit: iBlog Blog meetup: Blog Parteeh Blog awards ceremony: Philippine Blog Awards (Does CandyMag’s count?) Local blogging platform: Local blog ranking system: Philippine blog network: Bayanihan Blog Network Blog overlords in charge of international blog networks A-list bloggers being […]

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Online Offline Intertwine

Rattling off online and offline happenings interwined with one another. UP Blogger’s Circle Meetup BA, Marielle, Noel, J (and his family), Phillip, Garro, and I met at The Chocolate Kiss Cafe (downstairs then moved upstairs) for the first offline meeting of the UP Blogger’s Circle last Friday. ‘Twas difficult coming up with a rigid plan with all our questions, but we all agreed we wanted an offline presence—otherwise we won’t […]

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PTB vs. PWiT: Philippine Crab Mentality Online

Okay, I don’t understand why people have to create something out of nothing, i.e., pit Pinoy Tech Blog against PWiT. (Backtrack: Pinoy Tech Blog is the Philippines’ Premier Technology Blog while PWiT stands for Philippine Week in Tech: Current News, Views and Reviews. A mere parroting of their taglines? I’m avoiding any subjective descriptions here. An added note though—PWiT is obviously a play on TWiT, which stands for This Week […]

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Another Reason Apple iPhone Will Suck—For Filipinos

Apple fans the world over are probably having parties to celebrate the announcement of the Apple iPhone (not the Cisco one). The status messages of my buddies on Yahoo! Messenger are babbling about doing anything they can to get their paws on one (even if it takes a lap dance, one of them said!). But I’ve already read several shortcomings of the iPhone as well as counterarguments to those. And […]

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