Ghost Cat

“They call the snow leopard the ghost cat—never lets itself be seen.”

“Ghost cat?”

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Iconatomy: Hollywood hybrids by George Chamoun

Instantly reminded me of these Age Maps but has that “built-in audience”: have you ever noticed how there’s a certain look the most popular Hollywood actors have, or how some of them look similar even though they aren’t related? The series Iconatomy by George Chamoun explains a lot. The whole showbiz machine seems to have a type. “I think the concept of beauty has definitely been altered. We still have […]

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Beijing: Tombs, Temples, Palaces, & Forbidden Cities

There are a lot of photos in this post but they barely approximate each place, so please click through for more. One thing is certain: everything will make you feel tiny.

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Beijing: Mutianyu

Like Seoul, Beijing gave me the “I can’t believe I got here” feels. Another round of visa requirements conquered (with more pains going through Philippine red tape than the Chinese embassy) but more importantly: it’s stepping foot in China. Massive, historic China. It appears a single post is not enough given how many photos I took, so here’s part one.

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I don’t have many words for Bangkok; the city streets were much like the ones we know and love, while the sights were majestic. Here’s an abridged collection of photos from that trip (the rest are on Flickr)—way back in 2011, has it been that long?

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Seoul was hot and rainy like the Philippines, but that’s where the similarities end. You will feel the the modernity and the affluence of a first world country. You will wonder how its residents keep their skin so white despite the scorching sun and having no qualms about walking up, down, everywhere. You will wish you understood Korean (thank goodness for calculators and electronic dictionaries).

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Christmas lights! Shopping malls! Spicy food! White tigers! Polar bears! Penguins! Hi-tech attractions! Gravity-defying rides! And the mythical Merlion! It’s Singapore in pictures:

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CEL Manila 2008

Consumer Electronics Live! 2008 was disappointing. From its buggy, uninformative Flash-based website to a sparse SMX Exhibit Hall (it wasn’t even the last day!), this was another sign that modernity in this third world country is too brittle, too shallow at this point.

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Dayo is a full-length, digitally animated film that brings to life the Philippines’ most beloved mythological creatures with a modern-day twist. Its creators, Cutting Edge Studios, invited bloggers to check out their facilities, the animation process, and a sneak peek of the movie—to be released this December as an entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival and to the rest of the world with the title “Wanderer”. I wasn’t able […]

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