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Plot twist: not a speaker

If you’ve seen my updated Twitter bio lately, it reads like that. Here’s a little more context behind it.

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Code is poetical science

“You will not concede me philosophical poetry. Invert the order! Will you give me poetical philosophy, poetical science?” Ada Lovelace in a letter to her mother

Over here, Uber there

Over here, Uber there

The biggest things to hit the Philippines in 2014? Wicked, Spotify, Tim Ho Wan, H&M, McRibs, Sasha Grey, Uber. The last one has earned the ire of the LTFRB (because Read more ›

Monumento ni Supremo

Monumento ni Supremo

Clearly taking a page from The New York Times’s A Game of Shark and Minnow, which in turn had its roots in the controversial Snow Fall, The Official Gazette of Read more ›

Art in the Park 2013 brochure

Art in Parks

Two artsy events this weekend: one launching in my backyard the north, the other to the south. Fingers crossed I can visit either or both. Plot is a public art Read more ›