2nd Mini Web Design Conference & Blue Beanie Day

November 27 and 28 are two more significant dates in the web design scene, so be sure to participate! 2nd Mini Web Design Conference Update: Download the slides for the presentations here. The <form> function() & .class mini web design conference series is on its second leg and will be held tomorrow, November 27th. Same time (6:00pm), same place (G2VC TechBar, Exist, Orient Square), with a new mix of topics […]

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The first Mini Web Design Conference is the first step

I’d like to thank everyone who organized, sponsored, and attended our first Mini Web Design Conference, last October 30. I can’t believe our fledgling group (kudos to Mae, Marie, JP, Helga, Aja, Regnard, Sarah, Kaffee!) pulled off something like it, and that there were other people who were excited about supporting the event. It’s finally happening! Things are taking shape! And this mini conference is the first step. But first, […]

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You’re invited to a mini web design conference!

Date has been moved to October 30. Same time, same place. If you want to be a speaker, let us know your topic! We’re going to hold a mini web design conference on October 30 October 31 at the G2VC Tech Bar in Ortigas, 6:00pm—and you’re invited! Aside from the big event we’re planning—which actually has a cool, geeky name now! see logo!—we wanted to hold a mini event that’s […]

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Survey for people who make websites in the Philippines

To all the Filipino people who make websites, we would greatly appreciate it if you could answer our survey. (With apologies to A List Apart. Will report the progress of the web design conference we’re planning—soon.)

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We want a Philippine web design conference. So we’re planning one.

Another problem with web design aside from my previous laments is that it has always played “saling-pusa” (my indirect translation: second fiddle) to fields like print design, technology, blogging, internet marketing—at least in the Philippines. (I leave it up to you to connect the respective dots to Murder By Design, Graphika Manila, BarCamp Manila, iBlog, Philippine Blog Awards, WordCamp Philippines, SEMCON, IMMAP, and so forth.) Maybe because web design is […]

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