Best Designed Filipino Blogs for 2006 Announced!

Basang Panaginip, the highly controversial blog that brought us The Sexiest Filipino Bloggers, The Sexiest Filipina Bloggers, and The World’s Most Photorealistic Vector Art have come up with a new list: the Best Designed Filipino Blogs for 2006. I was shocked to find out that Michael dropped by to tell me I was on the list. The awards are no Philippine Webbies*, but my respect (or awe) for that award-giving […]

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I reviewed Eskwela on Qwerky. I’m not too thrilled that they chose “eskwela” over “paaralan” but maybe it seemed a lot more catchy and a lot less “formal”. (Why do ordinary Philippine words always sound “deep” and “formal”? Is it because we are not as used to speaking in perfectly straight Filipino anymore?) It’s not all nitpicking, I promise! I’m doing this for the free T-shirt I asked for if […]

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