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Code is poetical science

“You will not concede me philosophical poetry. Invert the order! Will you give me poetical philosophy, poetical science?” Ada Lovelace in a letter to her mother

Shitty Design versus UX analogy debunked

Design & other dirty words

I’ve been increasingly bothered by the characterization of design lately, which goes a little something like this:

Distiled communication

Distiled communication

“Over time, the line that separates writing from speaking, coding and design gradually fades away. Eventually, you realize that they’re simply different forms of communication. When you execute any of Read more ›

Singular vs. plural categories

I recently worked on a site redesign that features different blogs in its posts. The site also used plural forms for category names, which to me felt unfriendly in describing Read more ›

HTML as Art Pieces?

HTML is traditionally a means to format a document on the web, as word processors are meant to format documents on print (or on the desktop). Non-traditionally, though, some people Read more ›

9 Coolest Opera Widgets!

9 Coolest Opera Widgets!

In my quest to get to know Opera a little bit better—even if I have used it way before Mozilla became popular—I’ve snooped around the most delightful Opera Widgets I Read more ›

XML, and What You Can Do

Extensible Markup Language or XML describes the more meaningful features of an electronic document. If you know HTML or XHTML (the stricter sibling of HTML) then XML will look familiar Read more ›

Are You Blogging A Virus?

The Storm Worm recently hit computers around the world with its attention-grabbing subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe” last January. Yes, viruses and other malware attacking the masses Read more ›