Friends + Fireworks

Friends + Fireworks

This is my attempt at a personal entry for reasons you shall soon find out. Alas, I failed.

Aimee, one of four high school friends I finally met after four long years at the SM Mall of Asia last Friday, asked me why I didn’t like to use LiveJournal and why I didn’t write about personal things there, or anywhere else.

The first question is easy. Here’s a partial answer. The second, on the other hand, led me to this writing this. It practically implied that whether or not she had visited Stellify (I plastered announcements all over the place that I was not there but here), this whole website wasn’t enough! It also made it clear to me that many people don’t understand non-diary style blogging, and that an LJ account was not just another blogging service but obviously a journal service.

I’m not judging anyone here. (I know how hard it is to not blog about personal dealings for its therapeutic effects.) It’s just another proof that not everyone blogs the same way, much less calls their blog a “blog” but their “LJ” and so forth. Not everyone has explored all possibilities of publishing online, much less made enough money off it to quit one’s job (am no problogger though). And not everyone has recognized that the underlying structure of reverse chronological posts—usually equipped with commenting systems, trackbacks, and Atom/RSS feeds—is present in all these seemingly different services, be it LiveJournal, TypePad, MovableType, WordPress, Vox, Multiply, Friendster, MySpace, Joomla, Drupal, and so on. (Yes I know that was a very long sentence.)

It’s easy to shrug off these people as the ignorant, useless people of the blogosphere, but aren’t they still the majority? The potential commenters, rebloggers, new-turned-returning visitors, and ad clickers?

This is in stark contrast to JAngelo’s recent story, for example, about how more and more Filipinos including himself have become established in problogging, and so many more are going to try it out this year.

That aside, I’m just glad the five of us—that’s Aimee, Deborah, Donna, Rach, and me—got to spend time as we usually did. Food, catching up mixed with gossip, bets, a movie with a leading man that lets you sigh the word “gwapo” whenever he had a close-up (they did it, not me). ‘Twas a toss-up between Griffin and Phoenix and Eragon, but we talked Aimee into choosing the seventeen year old dragon rider over the dying cancer patient divorcee (how sad is that?).

I then spent the evening with my parents as we watched the Canada/Denmark installation of the World Pyro Olympics. I’m starting to get the hang of shooting fireworks though some are just un-photogenic shapes, and some need video instead of still images. I foolishly used up the memory card by shooting the video too long, even before the grand finale for Canada, the first of the two, and missed it. I had to review and delete the crappy photos to make space for measly 640×480 shots of Denmark’s.

Our spot wasn’t the most luxurious but it was comfortable; we could sit, stand, and get out to buy dinner during the break. The best advice is unless you’re a pro, set up a video cam on a tripod and leave it like that. Just enjoy the show. Then, afterwards, do a little last-minute shopping to let the traffic subside.

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