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Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Macromedia Flash, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSP, MySQL, Struts

National Hydraulic Research Center


Static website that I couldn’t update much even if Dr. Liongson had lots to give. Ah, if only I had more time. Visit site.

Webteam Site

Webteam Site

Nothing special either. Thought I’d add a scrolling gallery of our works for easier access. After all, we’re supposed to display the websites we’ve done. Visit site.

Engineering Orange

The College of Engineering Online Resume Repository. I have to admit I wasn’t that involved in the nitty-gritty coding; I was assigned more on the form fields and a bit of the back-end. Oh, and I threw in the name Orange because we couldn’t come up with a name we could agree on. Why Orange? Because the official color of Eng’g is orange. And orange is cool—it gives off that hip vibe of Web 2.0. Yeah right. Visit site.

College of Engineering Library and Computer Science Building Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual Walkthrough

We were tasked to create 360-degree views of the different rooms in the new Eng’g Library and CS Building and was also part of the soft launch of the said building. We had to photograph all the rooms in the building, stitch the photos together, and produce a scrolling image that would appear to be looping. We demo-ed this application to the guests of the soft launch, including luminaries of the University such as Chancellor Cao and College Dean Rowena Cristina Guevara.

Other Tasks

Aside from the ones specifically assigned to us, I was also in charge of gathering content, mostly news updates for all the other sites of the College, including the main site. Also tweaked several sites to incorporate the news/updates.

Other Media

New Building Soft Launch

EWT was not just about making websites. I was involved in making brochures, invitations, business cards, presentations (both crammed Powerpoint and Flash!) for the College. We also had access to two digital cameras (Olympus and Canon) to cover the different events of the College and other projects (e.g. Orange).

(Oh, and I can guarantee you that I dutifully answered the Department’s phone when it rang!)


My idea of the Engineering Web Team way back (2nd year or so) was that it was so great and talented a group I could only dream of getting in. Secondly, I never really imagined myself as a Student Assistant. Evar.

But I joined the Engineering Logscript and somehow I got to know the Webteam/NEC peeps that time (Daniw, Olan, Tina, Kuya Carl, Joe-e, Aldwin). Back then the Webteam room was in NEC; so far away but worth the trip. It had all the resources needed: machines with cool specs, laser printer and colored printer, phone, graphics tablet, water dispenser, microwave oven, toaster, sleeping bag, vacuum cleaner, you name it.

So imagine my exasperation when I learned “somebody” got in when he didn’t even know how to code HTML. At all. The rest of the people I knew from the Webteam were talented people, though. And very busy ones; juggling yearbook layout, SA work, and other extracurriculars (acads? what acads?!) every day and night.

It was inevitable for the room and amenities to be abused as well. I won’t go into details but later on, things got stricter and stricter until the Webteam room at NEC had to be closed off. By the time I had finished my term as a Webteam trainee (yes I finally decided I wanted to get in!) we had to transfer and share space with the DCS SAs. It was a lot more convenient (we still had laser printing benefits!) and it was, well, exciting. The four of us—Jael, Mai, Tweety, and Iâ—mingled with the SAs (a bunch of them who joined and quit at different times: Phillip, Pepoy, Jonas, March, Renz, TJ, Roanne). (Alan and Stevenson were also trainees like us but only the four of us went on to become full-fledged Webteamers!)

Never had we gotten to know the Department that well. Yes, being part of Parser helped a lot, but you knew you it was different when you’d tell some other CS person something and they’d go “what? how did you know about that?”

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