Shitty Design versus UX analogy debunked

Design & other dirty words

I’ve been increasingly bothered by the characterization of design lately, which goes a little something like this:

Web of uniforms vs. options

Web of uniforms vs. options

The thing is, I despised LiveJournal’s shoddy features and MySpace & Friendster’s tendencies to fill profiles to the brim with crap. And I have zero tolerance for any Tumblr that Read more ›

The 2013 Blogging Scene

The 2013 Blogging Scene

I’ve stood by WordPress for the longest time but that doesn’t mean I don’t keep tabs on the new shiny things. I’ve mentioned Svbtle, Jux, and Medium—before it adapted a Read more ›

3 positives to 1 negative

Droid delight

Delight me in surprising ways Real objects are more fun than buttons and menus Keep it brief It’s not my fault Sprinkle encouragement Five of the 17 Design Principles for Read more ›

Newsstand Apple iOS app

Skeuomorphic business

If you work anywhere near websites or apps you’d have to have heard about the skeuomorphism backlash in the past year or so. Basically: you know all of the detailed, Read more ›

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