There have been two big headlines in Philippine news this past few weeks. I’ve already written about one of them; it’s time for the second—which, unfortunately, involves a dear friend.

If there’s one thing I know about this guy, it’s how disarmingly honest he is. And from what I know, this trait also belongs to his father, who happens to be one of the DOJ prosecutors accused of bribery (50 million pesos) in the “Alabang Boys” drug case.

So please take a moment to read his letter to The Philippine Star and hear them out. Excerpts have also been published in Jarius Bondoc’s column.

I’ve talked about politicians’ tendencies before, but what about ours? We tend to close off the possibility that there are, indeed, people in the government who endure and sacrifice to serve the country.

It’s time we listen to their side.

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