I'm a Finalist for Best Blog Design at the Philippine Blog Awards!

I’m a Finalist for Best Blog Design at the Philippine Blog Awards!

Edit (09/25/08): Congratulations OctTwelve! Good job!

Philippine Blog Awards 2008 Finalist Badge - Best Blog DesignPhilippine Blog Awards 2008

I just found out that Stellify is one of the finalists for the Best Blog Design category of the Best Blog division of the 2nd Philippine Blog Awards. I’m shocked. Even more shocked than I was last year after being a finalist in the Technology category.

I feel like the odd one out (again). Just look at this site. Then look at the other finalists:

I think I know which ones I’m rooting for and not rooting for! I do hope, however, they help out with the Philippine web design conference that we’re planning.

I’m wishing every finalist in every category the best of luck. And the best of fun, just as I had last year.

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