<form> function() & .class web design conference 2012

<form> function() & .class web design conference 2012

The third FFC will be held on November 10 & 11 at the University of Santo Tomas. We’ve tweaked our format yet again: Day One will consist solely of 3-hour, multi-track workshops while Day Two will comprise conference plenary sessions. The agenda covers responsive web design, web-based game development, HTML5, interaction design, business sense, and more.

[037/365] University of Santo Tomas

We’re also holding a pre-party / networking night at KYSS on October 26. Make sure to mark both those dates on your calendars!

All this is made possible by: Smart DevNet, UST TomasinoWeb, UST JPCS, DLS-CSB AIM, Sulit.com.ph, Sitepoint, and the Philippine Web Designers Organization.

Register here.

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